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Private Loans & Refinancing NSW – Sydney Home Loans

Private Mortgage & Refinancing Australia

Private Mortgage & Refinancing For Sydney, NSW.

Are you looking to get a cash out from your property or to refinance your home?

It may be hard to borrow from the bank if you don’t have all the necessary documentation. And they require a lot.

If this is the case for you, a private mortgage or refinancing package from a private lender may be your answer.

Private Mortgage - Private Refinancing - Sydney & NSW

private home loan - refinancing loan - Private Lender in Melbourne VIC

Easy Private Mortgages & Refinancing Now Available in Sydney, NSW.

When you need funds to purchase another property or if you are looking to get some equity out of your existing home through a refinance, it’s all good and well if you have a good credit report to borrow from the bank.

However, that’s not the case for many. The fact that you are looking to get some cash flow means that you are likely facing some challenges in your finances. This means that you may not have the necessary documentation or credit history to borrow from the banks or mainstream lenders.

Here is where you can consider a private home loan or refinancing package from a private lender. Private lenders are high net worth individuals who prefer to lend out their wealth as opposed to depositing into a bank. For one, it gives them a better return and also allows them to help others out when the banks won’t.

Private lending has come a long and private lending today is conducted via legal contracts. So it’s safe and secure.


Private Lenders can help you refinance your existing property to get a cash out. Would that help resolve some problems for you? 

At Gryphon Direct, we have been helping families across Australia for over 15 years. This is includes offering customized private home and business loans to Melbourne, Victoria. If you reside in Melbourne, own property, and wish to enquire about a private loan, speak with us today.

Below are some scenarios where our private mortgage packages have helped many families or businesses in Sydney:

  • bad credit history
  • outstanding ATO debt
  • company under threat of being wound up
  • chased by creditors
  • require funds to complete a construction
  • loans for self employed with no proof of income or tax returns
  • …and many more.

Enquire about a private mortgage today. We have many clients in Sydney, New South Wales.

private home loan - refinancing loan - Private Lender in Melbourne VIC

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