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Are you self employed and having problems getting finance?
A Lo Doc Loan May Be your Solution.

There are over three million sole traders and self employed people in Australia. With such a large percentage of the population working for themselves, why do so many find they hit a brick wall when they apply for a home loan?

All too often though the dream sours when they approach the mainstream banks to borrow for home purchase, debt consolidation or business expansion. The reason – lack of approved documentation or irregular income streams.

Mainstream banks have a strict set of criteria regarding the documentation that has to be provided for any form of borrowing.

Unless the borrower already holds two years’ financials with suitable net profit, clear credit history and has been trading for a significant number of years, the chances are that any missing criteria will mean the loan being refused by the banks. So how can this impasse be resolved?

While mainstream lenders have tightened up on the documentation required before they would consider a mortgage application, non bank lenders are more flexible.

This means that, even if a client cannot produce all the ‘usually’ required paperwork, they can still be considered for a home loan.

Lo Doc Loans

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With so many Australians unable to provide the proof of income required by mainstream sources, a new style of non bank lender was able to bridge the gap.

Gryphon Direct has spent years building a portfolio of trusted non bank lenders.

Borrowers are able to choose from a selection of tools to check comparison rates of lenders which provides them with the best chance of obtaining a cost-effective outcome for their individual borrowing needs.

The lenders’ Lo Doc Loans have many or all of these features available.

  • Loans for residential, commercial or investment opportunities.
  • A Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) of up to 85%
  • Loan terms up to thirty years available.
  • Just one day’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration.
  • No financials required.
  • Those with arrears considered.
  • Defaults will be considered.
  • Ex-bankrupts will be considered.
  • Just a three months’ old Australian Business Number (ABN) required.
  • No Business Activity Statement BAS required.
  • Bad payment judgements considered.

Who can benefit from a Lo Doc Loan?

Many of Australia’s self employed borrowers take advantage of Lo Doc Loans. They feel the income verification and other loan conditions are more suited to their requirements, than a traditional bank’s loan.

Lo Doc loans have many benefits:

Lo Doc loans can be used to pay off credit cards or other personal debt and consolidate repayment plans.

You can use a Lo Doc loan to help with business expansion, purchase stock or upgrade equipment.

If you are finding too many doors closing on your dream of buying your own home, or investment property, contact Gryphon Direct.

Come and take a closer look at how a Lo Doc loan may solve your financing problems.

Debt Consolidation
Lo Doc loans can be used to pay off credit cards or other personal debt and consolidate repayment plans.

Business Expansion
You can use a Lo Doc loan to help with business expansion, increase stockholding or upgrade equipment.

Purchase of Investment Property
Lo Doc loans are also available to help with the purchase of residential and commercial properties. This can be for owner occupier or investment purposes.

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Over the years, we have built empathy for most situations as have our private lenders.

Whatever your circumstances Gryphon Direct is here to discuss solutions with you.

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