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Private Loans Melbourne – Home Loan, Refinancing or Commercial Loans For VIC

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Private Lender Melbourne
Home Mortgages, Refinancing & Home Loans For Melbourne VIC

Need a private mortgage or refinancing in Melbourne?

Can’t get a loan from the bank or mainstream lenders?

Get a private mortgage loan, refinancing or other loans secured against property from a private lender in Melbourne.

private home loan - refinancing loan - Private Lender in Melbourne VIC
private home loan - refinancing loan - Private Lender in Melbourne VIC

Need a Private Mortgage in Melbourne, Victoria?

Are you in administration or about to be wound up? In default or arrears and about to lose your home? You may find it hard to secure a loan from the bank or mainstream lenders in your current situation.

Traditional lenders like banks, building societies and credit unions use a specific set of parameters when calculating the risk involved in lending capital. Unfortunately, because of these stipulations, many people find themselves out in the cold when it comes to getting that much needed loan, but all is not lost.

You can consider taking out a home loan or business loan from a private lender. Private loans are usually secured against property or assets and require less documentation for approval. You can consolidate everything you owe, into one loan repayment, paying off multiple creditors, and higher interest rate credit cards. You can also use a private loan to bring your mortgage back into order.

Private Mortgage Loans For Melbourne

At Gryphon Direct, we have been helping families across Australia for over 15 years. This is includes offering customized private home and business loans to Melbourne, Victoria. If you reside in Melbourne, own property, and wish to enquire about a private loan, speak with us today.

Below are some scenarios where our private loans have helped families or businesses in Melbourne:

  • bad credit history
  • outstanding ATO debt
  • company under threat of being wound up
  • chased by creditors
  • require funds to complete a construction
  • loans for self employed with no proof of income or tax returns
  • …and many more.

Speak to Australia’s Trusted Private Lender Today.
We have many clients in Melbourne, Victoria.

private home loan - refinancing loan - Private Lender in Melbourne VIC

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